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Policy No.: 2015
Effective Date: 12/19/14
Revised Date:
Reviewed Date:


Basis of Policy

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is committed to providing a closer look at UNMC to those who may be considering a health profession or who just want to gain a greater understanding of UNMC’s role in improving the health of our citizenry. UNMC believes in an environment that is conducive to work, and in which health and safety concerns of employees, students, staff and the public are respected and in which disruptions are minimized. UNMC facilities and grounds can present a variety of potential hazards to individuals. This policy is intended to provide a process for tours with the least amount of disruption while minimizing the risk of injury and promoting a safe work environment.

Our tour program has three primary audiences – potential students, the general public and VIP’s. The various tour opportunities for these audiences are described below.

Potential Students

UNMC hosts periodic on-campus health career days and recruitment events for high school and undergraduate health focused prospective students. The health care career days and recruitment events provide prospective students with the opportunity to learn about the health professions education programs offered at UNMC.

Prospective students interested in a specific profession or those in the active phase of their applications at UNMC may contact the program or college directly for information or a potential tour.

General Public

The general public is welcome to attend a tour of campus at a designated time that will occur twice a year. This program will be directed by Public Relations, and include about an hour on campus: 15 to 20 minutes of introduction to the campus (video/PowerPoint), followed by a 30-minute walking tour of campus.


Public Relations will accommodate requests that come from the Chancellor’s office. Each college/division will take care of tours for their own guests.

Additional Information

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