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Policy No.: 6075
Effective Date: 11/07/07
Revised Date: 12/10/08
Reviewed Date: 12/08/08

Academic Personnel Records Policy

Basis of Policy

Board of Regents policy (RP-1.1.1) states that:

The Board of Regents employs a staff and faculty who have the professional competence to develop and operate the University's programs (Board of Regents).


Consistent with being a world-renowned academic health science center, the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) assures the professional competence of its faculty by verifying faculty credentials before or upon employment and by regularly updating faculty personnel files to document current professional qualifications.

Within the framework of this policy, primary accountability for the accuracy and timeliness of faculty credentialing rests with the deans of each of the colleges and the directors of each of the institutes.


Academic credentialing is the process of verifying academic preparation and other characteristics that qualify an individual for appointment as a member of the UNMC faculty. Academic credentialing is completed before or upon employment and is an ongoing process following employment.

Faculty personnel records are documents that provide evidence of professional qualifications and faculty personnel actions.

Professional practice credentialing is the process of verifying the licensure, certification and all other information pertinent to professional health practice as a member of the UNMC faculty.

Specific Requirements for Academic Faculty Records

  • Credential Verification Before or Upon Employment
The following documents are to be obtained and verified before or upon the employment of new UNMC faculty:
  • Curriculum Vita at Hire
  • Letters of Reference
  • Evidence of Degree
  • Evidence of Licensure
  • Background Check
  • Human Resources and SAP Records
Human Resources shall act as the official institutional custodian for certain employment records including: I-9’s, W-4’s and other tax records, benefits elections, disciplinary actions, salary increase exception forms, and related records. Some of the information contained in these original documents will be stored electronically in SAP. When changes are made in these records, units are responsible for submitting updated copies to Human Resources.
  • Faculty Records Subsequent to Employment
Each college or institute shall develop an internal procedure for acquiring and maintaining faculty personnel records. These procedures shall include at least the following: list of records, file location(s) of records, position responsible for obtaining and filing records, frequency with which records are to be updated (for example, annually for CV’s and evaluations).

Form of Faculty Records

Faculty records may be maintained either in printed or electronic form.

Location and Custody of Faculty Records

Other than for records maintained by Human Resources, college deans and institute directors shall determine the location and custody of faculty records.

Additional Information

  • Any questions about this policy should be referred to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or to the Office of Academic Services

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