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Policy No.: 4000
Effective Date: 07/01/98
Revised Date: 07/01/98
Reviewed Date: 11/05/13

Facilities Management & Planning Policy

Basis for Facilities Management & Planning Policy

To maintain compliance with federal, state and local and University of Nebraska requirements involving construction, utilities, hazard exposure, energy conservation, etc., Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P) is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) buildings and grounds, and utilities infrastructure. FM&P is the code authority for the University of Nebraska on our campus.

Building Repair and Maintenance

Facilities Management & Planning shall maintain buildings and campus utility distribution systems. By definition, building repair and maintenance, in the broadest sense, encompass those items which are part of the original construction and are physically part of, and attached to, the permanent structure. It is not the intention of FM&P to secure, install or maintain any item or area which is occupied or used in conjunction with a department that is funded through a special agency.

Utility interruptions or problems should be promptly reported to FM&P, so the cause of the interruption or problem can be determined and corrected.

Capital Improvement Projects, Construction Contracts and Bids

Capital improvement projects are defined as any remodeling, renovation, maintenance or construction work in which the project budget costs are over $10,000, unless project supervision or design services are required. If those services are required, construction work over $5,000 will be considered as capital improvement projects. The handling and processing of construction contracts and bids is the responsibility of Facilities Management & Planning.

All items removed during demolition or remodeling which have a dollar value shall be disposed of in accordance with University procedures. By definition, valued goods, in the broadest sense, encompass those items which may or may not be inventoried, have a dollar value if sold on the local market and are to be disposed of and removed from the remodeling area. Examples include drapes, blinds and rods, cabinets, carpet, doors and frames, light fixtures, or ceiling tile and grids.

Work Conducted Within Building Systems

All maintenance, construction, repair, installation or other similar work conducted above a ceiling, within a wall, under a floor covering, etc., shall be conducted by or coordinated through FM&P. This insures that all such work is conducted in compliance with applicable building codes, building standard practices, dust containment, procedures pertaining to asbestos and other hazardous materials, etc. It is recognized that other organizations may have a routine need to conduct such work. In this case, FM&P may authorize the organization to perform such work, provided the organization demonstrates the capacity to comply with the intent of this policy.

Energy Management

Facilities Management & Planning will manage the use of energy resources in a manner consistent with national energy conservation policies while providing full services necessary to accomplish the goals of UNMC.

Space Planning & Interior Decorating

In order to maintain a consistent appearance on the campus, and to insure the University complies with all regulations (such as the Americans with Disabilities Act), requests for the following must be reviewed and approved by Facilities Management & Planning:

  • Interior Decoration services
  • Renovation services
  • Space Planning services
  • Signage, both external and internal

Additional information

  • See the Facilities Management & Planning Procedure Manual
  • Contact Facilities Management & Planning
  • See the FM&P website

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