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Policy No.: 6076
Effective Date: 09/10/08
Revised Date: 08/04/21
Reviewed Date: 08/04/21

Cell Phone Policy

Basis of Policy

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) established a cell phone policy to provide uniform guidelines for the use and procurement of University-provided cell phones in a manner consistent with U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code policy.


Cell telephones may be provided to certain UNMC employees to conduct activities incident to their University employment that either cannot be conducted on a land-line telephone or for which it would be inefficient to use a land-line telephone. Such activities can include improving customer service, enhancing business efficiency and providing safety and/or security. Cell phones may be required to be carried by certain UNMC employees who are required to be available 24/7 by their supervisor as a condition of employment.

Requests for cell phones, including a statement of the business need, must be approved at the level of a department chair, center director, dean, assistant vice chancellor or above. UNMC cell phones and service are provided solely through a contract with a wireless contractor through UNMC Printing Services; exceptions may be granted by the UNMC Printing Services Manager only if coverage is not adequate through the contractor.

Once approval has been obtained, employees must fill out the Cell Phone Order Form in E-Shop to proceed.

Employees are responsible for operating vehicles and potentially hazardous equipment in a safe and prudent manner. Therefore, employees must refrain from using cell phones while operating University vehicles.

Additional Information

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