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Policy No: 6087
Effective Date: DRAFT
Revised Date:
Reviewed Date:

Please note that this policy will most likely be issued by Central Administration as a NU-wide policy when it issued. As such, UNMC will likely exercise little direct control over it.

Any comments on this draft policy should be directed to Jeff Miller, Controller, who will forward them to the appropriate party.

Moving Allowance

Basis for the Policy

This policy establishes the requirements and procedures related to relocation expenses for regular new and current employees.

Policy Statement

Regular new and current university employees may receive an allowance to assist with covering the cost of moving expenses.



The following criteria must be met to be eligible for a moving allowance:

  • The relocation to another geographical location must be for the benefit of the university
  • The new job location must be farther than fifty (50) miles from the employee’s old residence
  • A new employee must agree in writing to remain in the employment of the university for a period of one year from the date of employment

Authorization of Moving Allowance

Department heads (or designees) may authorize payment of a reasonable moving and relocation allowance for new faculty and staff members as part of an offer of employment. Such moving allowances must be negotiated at the time a position is offered and must be included in the fully executed offer letter.

Management should consult with representatives from their unit human resources and financial office prior to offering payment of relocation expenses in consideration of the total compensation package. Authorization of payment of a moving allowance up to $5,000 is allowed by the department head. Payments over $5,000 require approval from the appropriate dean/vice chancellor (or designee) and the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance (or designee).

Payment of Allowance and Tax Reporting

A moving allowance should be paid as a lump sum payment through payroll via a Personnel Action Form. Receipts are not required. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 requires that the University withhold income and FICA taxes on payments made to an employee for all moving-related expenses. The lump-sum payment will also be reported on the employee’s annual W-2. The payment will not be processed until the employee is on the University payroll.

  • The University intends that any allowance paid to an employee for moving expenses complies with the provisions of Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code and the corresponding treasury regulations so as not to subject the employee to the payment of any additional taxes, interest or penalties under that Code section. To the extent possible, the University, therefore, will pay this allowance to the employee within the same tax year that the employee is hired. If the employee’s hire date occurs so late in the year that it is not possible for the University to pay the employee this allowance within that tax year, the University shall pay the allowance to the employee on one of the following specified payment events: employees who are paid their salary on a monthly basis shall be paid the allowance by the second regularly scheduled payday following their hire date and those employees who are paid on a bi-weekly basis shall be paid the allowance by the fourth regularly scheduled payday following their hire date.

Offer Letter

The offer letter should state the employee agrees to remain in the employment of the university for a period of one year from the date of employment. If an employee resigns within one year of the official date of employment, the department may require the employee to reimburse the university a portion of the moving allowance, based on the length of time the employee worked for the university.

Scheduling the Move

Newly hired individuals may use the University contract suppliers and benefit from the negotiated rates but must pay the supplier directly. The move itself is solely the responsibility of the new employee. The contract for the move, along with any problems that may result from the move, is between the employee and the moving company. The University’s only involvement is payment of the moving allowance to the employee. The employee must handle any and all claims.

Additional Information

  • Contact the Controller
  • Moving Allowance Procedures - Under Construction

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