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THIS LETTER OF INTENT is made this day of ,1998, to set forth the stated intention of the ABC Corporation to form a stronger cooperative relationship in the areas of administration, education, research and clinical service. This letter sets forth the vision statement, principles and structure under which the parties intend to develop multiple service agreements to implement their strengthened cooperative relationship. It is understood that each such service agreement will require approval on behalf of UNMC as required by Nebraska Laws and the policies of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


The Vision Statement of the ABC/UNMC cooperative relationship will be: UNMC and ABC will endeavor to cooperate with one another to produce exceptional achieve and value in patient care services, premier health sciences education, along with biomedical and health services research and efficiencies in administrative operations, thereby becoming a leader against which other like cooperative endeavors are measured.


The principles of the cooperative relationship are: Agreements to be developed will mutually benefit both parties. Existing agreements will be maintained and, when feasible, strengthened. Current educational programs will be maintained and, where feasible, strengthened. Specialty care will be sustained and, when possible, improved. Etc.......


The officials having primary responsibility for direction of the ABC/UNMC cooperative relationship are the Dean, University of Nebraska College of Medicine, The Director of ABC, and should University Hospital merge with another hospital, the CEO of the merged entity (the management team). The responsibilities of the management team include, but are not limited to:

Implementation of the Vision Statement. Joint Planning. Ongoing analysis. Approval of work products and contracts, subject to approval by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska then required by law or University policy. Approval of work teams As needed, the management team may appoint work teams to examine collaborative efforts in the areas of administration, education, research and clinical service. The general charge to a work team will be: Exploring areas that are mutually beneficial to both ABC and UNMC that will strengthen or improve administrative operations, patient care services, research and education provided by the two institutions. This will be accomplished by adhering to the guiding principles of maintaining or strengthening education and research missions, looking for ways to enhance the UNMC and ABC operations, reducing costs of operations wherever feasible, improving the quality and access of care for Veterans and enhancing the public perception of UNMC's commitment to the ABC corporation. The items/areas identified under this charge should have a realistic likelihood for success once implemented.


The parties may terminate this Letter of Intent and their cooperative relationship at any time by mutual consent or upon giving such advance notice as their various service agreements may require. While the length of any such notice of termination may vary depending upon circumstances and/or the terms of the various service agreements, the parties agree to use their best efforts to provide one another with as much advance notice as may be reasonably possible under the circumstances. Any written notice to terminate this Letter of Intent shall be delivered by the terminating party to each member of the management team.


This Letter of Intent contains the entire understanding between the parties with respect to its subject matter and supersedes any prior understandings and agreements between them with respect thereto. If by (Date), the parties do not execute documents implementing the terms of this Letter of Intent, this Letter of Intent shall be of no further force and effect and shall cease to be an expression of the parties' mutual intent.

In WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Letter of Intent on the date first above written.

BY: ______________________________ BY: ______________________________
ITS: ______________________________ ITS: ______________________________

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