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Checkmark.png About the CON Omaha Lincoln Kearney Norfolk Scottsbluff
  Mission, Vision and Leadership Philosophy Statement          
  Welcome letter from Dean          
  CON Policies and Procedures
  Organizational and Division Structure Academic
Info Tech
Staff Staff Staff Staff
  Strategic Plan          
  Bulletin of the College of Nursing          
  Campus Calendar          
Checkmark.png About UNMC Omaha Lincoln Kearney Norfolk Scottsbluff
  UNMC Policies and Procedures          
  Thank You Program          
Checkmark.png Your Facilities and Department Omaha Lincoln Kearney Norfolk Scottsbluff
  Complete Campus Orientation Guide   Link      
  After Hours and Weekend Access Link        
  Recycling and Trash Link        
  Building layout and evacuation plan CNS
  Keys and/or access cards   Link      
  Emergency notification, security protocols, school closings          
  Parking and transportation services          
  Photo ID          
  Room Scheduling (Bridge Numbers All Campuses) Link Link   Link  
  Room Scheduling (Contacts)          
  Mail Duty Information Link        
  Addresses and Other Important Information Link        
  eSHOP Official Function - Direct Pay Guide          
  Rush Order Flowchart          
Checkmark.png Getting Connected Omaha Lincoln Kearney Norfolk Scottsbluff
  ATI Testing          
  McGoogan Library          
  Computer Access          
  Email address          
  Technology Support          
  Phone System          
  Intercampus Mail          
Checkmark.png Get Involved Omaha Lincoln Kearney Norfolk Scottsbluff
  General Faculty Organization          
  General Staff Organization          
Checkmark.png Department Rules, Policies, Norms Omaha Lincoln Kearney Norfolk Scottsbluff
  Personal Information Changes (address, phone, etc.)          
  Overtime policy          
  Dress code or appearance standards          
  University vehicle and travel policy (if applicable)          
  Leave Information - (e.g. Vacation, Sick, Funeral, Jury, Civil)          
  Vacation and Other Leave Request Guidelines          
  How to request/report time off          
Checkmark.png Faculty Links Omaha Lincoln Kearney Norfolk Scottsbluff
  Course Descriptions          
  Programs of Study          
  Key contact people for major job functions          
  Student Services          
  Promotion and Tenure          
  Workload Guidelines          
  Learning Resource Centers Link Link Link Link Link
  Clinical Faculty Handbook